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Coolest idea of the day!

"A collection of book recommendations from the most badass people. It's called Read with Stars (, and it's built by @theleonwei!"

- Ismaël Sow

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"As an avid reader always on the hunt for my next book, I stumbled upon and was pleasantly surprised. The recommendations based on what global icons like Elon Musk and Taylor Swift are reading gave me a unique insight into the minds of people I admire. It's like having a personal book club with the stars!"
- Jamie

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"I've always been curious about what books inspire the people who inspire me. Finding felt like hitting a goldmine! The selection is fantastic, and I love getting a glimpse into the reading habits of my favorite celebrities. It's changed the way I discover books and expanded my reading list in the best way possible."

- Alex

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" has quickly become my go-to for book recommendations. The idea of reading the same material as top global icons is thrilling—it feels like a shared experience with some of the brightest minds out there. Plus, the variety of books featured means there's always something interesting to pick up next."

- Sam

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Saved me hours of wasting on book hunting!

"I was skeptical at first, thinking this was just another book recommendation site. But proved me wrong. The curated lists of what influential figures are reading have not only broadened my literary horizons but also given me topics for conversation at social gatherings. It's been a game-changer for me."

- Derek

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"I can't thank enough for reigniting my passion for reading. The site's unique approach, offering book suggestions based on what global icons are reading, has introduced me to genres and authors I wouldn't have considered before. It's like being part of an exclusive book club with the most interesting members imaginable!"

- Christina

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Like Reading with My Favorite Stars

"I always wondered what books got people like Mark Cuban or Stephen King hooked. Thanks to, it's like I'm joining my heroes for a coffee and a good book. Each recommendation feels like a personal gift from them to me."

- Doug

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My Stars-Inspired Reading List

"Ever since I found, my reading list has gotten a major celebrity makeover. Discovering what inspires artists like Jay-Z or authors like J.K. Rowling has not only diversified my reading but also sparked creativity in my own life. It's my go-to for fresh reading inspo."

- Eva

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Book Picks from the Stars

"It's one thing to admire celebrities from afar, but it's another to dive into the books that shape their thoughts. has given me a new way to connect with my idols, making each page I turn feel like a shared journey."

- Shawn

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Shared Pages with Icons

"There's something incredibly special about reading a book recommended by someone you admire, like finding a secret connection. makes those connections daily, turning my solitary reading sessions into shared moments with icons."

- Joe

Frequently asked questions

How do you know Elon Musk or other stars recommended a specific book?

We employ a combination of AI and machine learning techniques to scour the internet for mentions of books by Elon Musk across various platforms, including places such as media interviews, podcasts and other social media. Additionally, we provide a quote or paraphrase referencing Elon Musk's thoughts on the specific book for context. This method is consistently applied to track recommendations from other stars as well.

Is Read With Stars free?

Absolutely! Our platform is COMPLETELY FREE to you. We do receive a small commission from Amazon purchases made through affiliate links, which helps us maintain and improve our service.

How did you curate this list?

Our lists are the result of thorough research into public endorsements and interviews of each star. We compile and regularly update these to reflect the most current and impactful recommendations.

How often do you update your list?

We regularly review and update our lists to ensure they're current and comprehensive. Typically, updates occur weekly, or whenever new information from our tracked stars becomes available. We're committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date recommendations.

Why did you create this website?

Just like you, we love getting lost in a good book. And we've always been fascinated by the idea that the books loved by successful people could hold the keys to wisdom, inspiration, and maybe even our own success. That's exactly why we created this website. We wanted to make it super easy for you to find and dive into these books—to not just read, but to grow and learn from the journeys of those who've already made their mark. It's all about sharing the kind of stories and lessons that have inspired the greats, hoping they'll do the same for you.